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A fun video-based game where contestants guess if someone gets hit in the face, falls on their booty or just an awesome video. Step One - Show “Question” Video Step Two Have Student(s) Guess if the answer is one of three things: • Someone hitting or getting hit in the face • Someone falling on their booty • Someone doing something awesome. Step Three • Show “Answer” Video to see if they got the correct answer. Gameplay options: 1. Bring Students on stage and have them guess. Pick a new student each time or see how far one student can go in getting them correct. 2. Play as a crowd. a. Put your hands on your FACE, if you think the answer is FACE. b. Put your hands on your BOOTY, if you think the answer is BOOTY. c. Put your hands in the AIR, like a celebration, if you think the answer is AWESOME!

This Resource Includes:
• 10 question and answer videos (mp4 file)
• Instructions and title slides (jpeg file)
• Instructions document (Word file)

Face Booty Awesome

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A fun video-based game where contestants guess if someone gets hit in the face, falls on their booty or turns out awesome.
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Bobby Cooley

Bobby is the Discipleship Pastor in Katy, TX. He loves pouring into teenagers and their parents to build lifelong followers of Jesus.

He loves his wife and three blue eyed kids, great BBQ and the outdoors.

"I love being a part of DYM and helping youth workers win!" - BC

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I haven't seen our youth kids laugh this hard in a long time! Part 2 needs to be come out quite quickly!
great game! please do part 2

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