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Note This resource REQUIRES access to DYM Games app. DYM Games is included in the Gold Membership, but totally free to try. Find out more!

DYM Games is require to play this game! Find our More!

This past weekend we played an old classic but played it with a new twist. We played a few games all weekend but this one was by far the best. We have discovered that students love to re-claim old things and make it their own so we thought we would give BINGO a try. Let me just say, it went way better than expected. The energy was high, students were screaming with joy and pain as they either got to stay in the game or they were out for that round. Read the full blog post, description and instructions here!

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Hilarious and epic game using DYM Games! Find out how to get DYM Games!

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What is the DYM Games App?

Your creative programming sidekick.

DYM Games is an app for the Mac or PC that works just like other presentation software. Simply plug your computer into a projector or TV and it just works!

Present and play engaging, reusable and customizable games like never before! Gone are the days that you need Photoshop skills and 6 hours to customize a game to include names of your students, inside jokes, and your ministry lingo. Go from no game, to amazing game in seconds. Save, reuse, edit your games--even share them with other DYM Games users!

New game builders and awesome features are being added all the time!

Watch this video to learn more, then click below to download and login with your DYM account to take it for a spin.

DYM Games is free to download and try out. Full access to DYM Games is included in the Gold membership, which includes a ton of other goodies for Youth Ministry! Find out more here.


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Justin Knowles

He loves creating an environment for students to meet Jesus, loves to teach at his service or camps, talk leadership, develop volunteers and disciple students.

He also writes about his journey through youth ministry on the Download Youth Ministry blog.

He is married to his wonderful wife Kristin for the past 5 years and has a son named Graham! They also have a fur baby named CATalie Portman and lives in Chino, CA.

You can become an author too!
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Very fun!!!
Brought this game back to our group after playing at DYM100. The students were really into it. Prizes got bigger for each round which made it more exciting. Very easy to customize to your group. The more fast paced the better.
Big Hit at Lock In
This game is AWESOME and a great way to try the DYM games app for the first time.
I would say it is more fun if you SELL IT, call the numbers out quickly, and have lots of other adults help you so you can keep the game moving quickly.
It was TOTALLY customizable, so I changed a bunch of the items to be more personalized to our group. And it was surprising easy to make changes on the fly.
It was nice to have something EVERYONE at the Lock-In could do together. So fun!
Best game on DYM!
This game is so much fun and can be altered to play with so many different people and groups. My students would play it every week if I allowed. You gotta play this!
Loved extreme bingo
Jim 11/4/2017
Had a night of extreme games with our youth. The hit of the night was extreme bingo. Plan to use later in the year with our adults. FUN, fun fun!!!
After playing this game at DYM100, I had to bring it back to my youth group. They LOVED it! Definitely adapted some of the consequences to be more specific to my youth group, but it was hilarious. It kept every one of my students extremely engaged, and they wanted to play more.

I definitely think you need to have some great prizes and some crappy prizes to mix it up. Made it more fun!
Huge WIN for our ministry
This game was a ton of fun. We actually played it at a leader event for our small group leaders & their families, and they had a blast. Said it was one of the best games we've ever played.
We plan on running one at our fall retreat in a few weeks too! Get it. It's free, why not?!
PS - DYM Games is worth it, for sure.
Amazing Game
I had more fun playing this game than any screen game in a while. I enjoy regular Bingo a lot and this brought a depth and excitement that I haven’t seen before. This is also a game that could be played for weeks and weeks in a row.

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