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Tired of playing the same old games at your student Christmas parties? Here’s a fun alternative! Play this awesome, new intense elimination Christmas party game! It’s a game that combines hot potato, trivia, and a left/right Christmas poem. The only extra supplies you'll need are some ornament balls you'd use to decorate your Christmas tree! Make this year your best Christmas party ever!

This Resource Includes:
Gameplay Instructions document (pdf file)

Doug’s note: Something different like this is pretty refreshing. I liked it a lot!

Exploding Ornaments

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Spice up your Christmas party with this active and intense elimination game where players and teams try avoid "exploding" through a combination of luck and smarts!
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Jeremy Hetzel

Jeremy loves eating oatmeal cream pies. And burgers at Red Robin. Yum! He occasionally greets new students with his infamous raptor impersonation, goes on student-led mission trips with LeaderTreks, and walks daily with Jesus. His passion is to help students learn to walk with Jesus daily too.

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Good Out of the Box Concept
Compared to the screen games, relays and traditional games one can play at a Christmas party, this one is out of the box as it combines a few different elements - elimination game; Christmas trivia; & Left Right Passing. I played it with high schoolers and they enjoyed it so I call it a win.

I do wish it had come with a powerpoint/DYM Games File of the trivia side of the game because I had to make one. I also wish the questions were a bit harder - my high schoolers were only stumped by one of the 15. Also, there was no explanation as to what happens when two people on the same team get stuck with ornaments, which happened more than once.

So I liked the game and concept, just had to clean it up a little bit.
Might be a good game, but wasn't for our group.
We bought this game and a few others from the store for our annual Christmas party. We loved the idea of this game, but it was a little young for even our middle school students. Most of them thought it was just hot potato with an ornament. Try it with your group, because I don't doubt that this game works for some. Just wasn't a good game for our group.

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