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For a variety of really crazy reasons there are real and unbelievable laws on the books in cities, counties, and states all across America. This trivia game is a great start for a talk or discussion on legalism, the Pharisees, rules, submitting to authority, or it can be played just for the dumb fun of it all.

Resource includes:

  • -Complete PowerPoint game file
  • -Complete Keynote game file
  • Individual game slides (jpeg files)

This is Brian’s first game to be added to the DYM store, but he has lots of other resources available. Check them out here.

Dumb USA Laws

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A Powerpoint-based game where students see really dumb but real laws, and attempt to choose among several dumb options to guess the correct dumb law.
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Brian Berry

I was in full-time youth ministry for 22 years in just 2 churches in CA until I followed Jesus into a role of Church Planter by night and General Contractor by day. I love helping teens, parents, and youth workers win and I'm praying the resources on DYM help you do that. I also love a good cup of coffee, ice cream, reading, writing, pretty much anything in the outdoors, photography, wood-working, and welding... most of which I wish I made more time for... except coffee. I pretty much always make time for that.

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