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Dragon Slayer is a 4-week teaching series that brings sin to the surface for students. Using dragons as a metaphor for sin, your students will learn about how temptation leads to sin and how sin can quickly get out of our control. This series will help your students identify the sin and temptation in their lives and equip them to deal with it before it gets too big.

Week 1: Dragons’ Allure - Recognizing temptations and handling them before they turn into sin.

Week 2: Growing Dragon - When left alone, sin grows out of control and begins to stack.

Week 3: Slaying Your Dragon - Hebrews 12 gives us four ways to slay our dragons (deal with our sin).

Week 4: Questions and Answers - Answer student-submitted questions about whether or not something is a sin.

This Resource Includes:
• 4 sermon manuscripts averaging 2,800 words
• 3 Weeks of student notes (For week 4 (Q&A), blank paper will do)
• Graphics Package

Dragon Slayer

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A 4-week series about dealing with the sin and temptation in our lives.

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Brent Wernsing

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A solid series!
This was one of the best DYM series I've used. Like all resources, I had to adapt it for our context and my voice (which is surprisingly similar to the author's).

What I liked:
Solid theology
The abstract analogy made sense and wasn't just used as a gimmick
Good graphic (although it would've been nice to have some social media graphics packaged)

Like the other reviewer said, there was a LOT of content. I solved this by using the extra stuff as small group material. It worked for our context (large group and small group on the same night).

Excellent! Kids love it!
I must say, I thought this would be a good series when I read the description. I was not wrong! I will say that the devotionals are pretty long. I split up the second one into two weeks and will probably have to do that with the others as well. I would have liked to see a full powerpoint filled out and included hence the missing star.

Okay, here's where the real money is. This is one of the first times ever that I have heard the kids ACTUALLY talking about one of "my" devotionals. My wife used the series points to lead a girl to Christ yesterday. I think most people at least like dragons enough to be curious. The content is very sound spiritually and from what I have seen so far theologically. I am enjoying it myself and I think the kids are getting that impression as well. I HIGHLY recommend this study. Just make sure you set apart some time to go through it yourself as there is a lot there in the documents.

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