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The Internet is a wonderful place. We can cultivate our virtual friendships, avoid face to face human interaction, and watch a cat ride a skateboard...all while skyping with distant relatives and nodding our heads as they tell stories about how they survived world wars.

One problem with the Internet is that it's really just a giant mess of information, and there's nothing keeping anyone from making up completely bogus stories. For example, did you know that your house is on fire right now? Of course you didn't. Because it's not true. But that didn't stop me from posting about it on the internet just now. Not my fault you didn't burn your house down.

Being fooled on the internet is something everyone can relate to. There's just so many stories floating around.

Fortunately, many of these things are hilarious...and hilarious things make for great games.

"Don't Believe the Internet" offers students a chance to choose "BELIEVE IT" or "DON'T BELIEVE IT" through a series of outrageous slides that will leave the whole crowd guessing.


  • Did that really happen?
  • Does that product really exist?
  • Did somebody actually build that?
  • Is that thing photoshopped?

    Each question is unique, exciting, and great for teenagers.


    As youth ministers, we are always teaching our students to discern between what is true and what is false. This is the perfect ice breaker to get your group laughing and thinking about how easily we can be fooled. Connect the game with a sermon or just play it for fun.

    I make games that I know my students will love, and I believe your students will love this game.

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    Believe everything on the internet!

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    David Hughes

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