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Doug's note: Solid, well-written resource. there's a lot of sex-type-series on the DYM site and it can be difficult to know which to use... I think this one is worth looking at. There's a lot of content here to either teach or use as a springboard for your own series.

Cuffing Szn (pronounced "Cuffing Season") has become one of the most popular phrases in dating. If you haven't heard the phrase, ask your students! Cuffing season is when a single person suddenly feels interested in finding a romantic relationship, typically during cold months or holidays—but let's face it, students feel the burn for romance in ALL seasons! This four-week series (with a bonus fifth week) is focused on dating, sex, and relationships, and can be used any time of the year. Students are going to date, so let's help point them to healthy and meaningful relationships, while minimizing regret.

Week 1 - "It Started With a DM ..." 1 Corinthians 13:4–7
Week 2 - The Hookup 1 Corinthians 6:16–18
Week 3 - Keep It 100 1 Peter 3:7
Week 4 – Ghosted Proverbs 14:30; 22:1; 25:28; Luke 10:27, Philippians 3:13–14
Week 5 - Baeducation (Bonus: Optional dating panel!)

Big Idea/Challenge:
Week 1 - Look to become someone rather than merely look to be with someone!
Week 2 - Sex is more than “just a thing,” because sex connects to who we are—mind, body, and soul—in the deepest way.
Week 3 - The greatest sign of a healthy relationship is when both people are asking, “What can I do to honor you?”
Week 4 - We need to handle a breakup not how we want to, but how we should.
Week 5- Optional Dating Panel (Questions provided!)

This Resource Includes:
• 4 word-for-word manuscripts (including teacher suggestions/pointers)
• 4 small group lessons for each respective message
• A list of questions most commonly asked by our students and used in a recent dating panel to serve as a springboard to your potential panel discussion
•Series, message titles, and background graphics (can also be used on social media)

Note from the Author

This series is relevant for all students and can be modified to be age appropriate (middle school/high school).

Cuffing Szn

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A dynamic 4-week series on dating, sex, and relationships. Fresh, relevant, and powerful!
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Chad Bryan is the Associate Pastor and Student Ministries Pastor at Grace Fellowship Halfmoon in the Albany, New York area. Chad is a father of 2 and is equally inspired by both Billy Graham and Jim Harbaugh. Chad holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in addition to winning the "Mr. Intensity Award" in 3rd grade.

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Not a Fan
Hate being "that guy," but I was not a fan of this series. My students did not relate whatsoever to anything from the first lesson. In fact, not ONE of them had even heard the phrase "Cuffing Season." The rest of the lessons had phrases that I would never use in front of my students such as "body budget." It also tried WAY too hard to be current or cool with phrases like "keeping it 100." I had to write my own lessons for the rest of the series. The only parts I ended up using were some of the Scripture passages. The truths were valid, but the phrases, the examples, and allusions to culture were just not good.
This is what makes DYM
Great resource. Very editable and gives you good ideas to go off of. Incredible graphics and all customizable to go with your messages and for marketing the series.

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