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Central is a sermon series that goes through the entire book of Galatians. In this series, we challenge our students to see that our lives must be centered on the gospel. Each week's message is a high-light from a key theme in the chapter that Paul wrote to the Gala-tians. Your students will see the theme of this letter written to the Galatian church-the true gospel-and how it relates to them today.

Week 1: Galatians 1 As gospel-centered Christians, we respond to the gospel, center our lives around the gospel, and live the gospel every day of our lives.

Week 2: Galatians 2 As gospel-centered Christians, we literally give ourselves away to God when Jesus comes to live in us.

Week 3: Galatians 3 Gospel-centered Christians don't live by rules, they live by faith. Their righteousness is not in their ability to carry out a list of do's and don'ts. It's in the person of Jesus.

Week 4: Galatians We are all in need of a Savior, and the law points to the answer, which is the gospel. Those who respond to the gospel are made sons and daughters of God and are baptized into Jesus as a sign of the new covenant.

Week 5: Galatians 5 Gospel-centered Christians keep in step with the Spirit of God and serve one another in love.

Week 6: Galatians 6 Gospel-centered Christian's sow spiritual seeds and do good to other Christians.

This resource includes:
• Six complete, word-for-word message manuscripts (Word documents)
• PowerPoint presentations for each week's lesson
• Images (series title, verse slides, Instagram)
• Small group discussion guides for your leaders

Central - A Series Through Galatians

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A six-week series through the book of Galatians, helping teenagers understand the gospel.
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Steph Wright

Steph serves as the Youth Pastor at West End Worship Centre in Toronto Ontario in Canada. His ministry is not only the youth in church as he has a heart to see youth in the community touched by the love of Jesus and has worked in various high school mentorship programs.

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