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This 3-week small group curriculum would be perfect for you to add into your arsenal. When we think of evangelism, most people (especially students) think it needs to be you on a stage or on a street corner preaching randomly to hundreds of people. Evangelism is simply sharing the Gospel. What would it look like if we took evangelism and made them part of the DNA of small groups? These 3 weeks will help kick start this idea:

Week 1- How Does Your Story Fit Into God's Story?
This week we will be walking through how to put together students testimonies. We will help them come up with an elevator pitch testimony and a full on 3-5 minute testimony to share. How can students tell others about how Jesus can change their friend's lives if they cannot explain how Jesus changed their life?

Week 2- Go Out, Leave a Mark
In the Bible, when people meet Jesus they go out immediately and tell others about Him. As followers of Jesus we are called to go out and love people like He calls us to love. This week we want to take a look at how we can go out and leave a mark in our homes and with friends at school.

Week 3- Who Are Your "3"?
The past weeks we have building up to this week. We have a pretty good grasp on how to write out and share testimonies. Then we talked about the importance of going out and leaving of mark of Jesus to the people who are around us and who we love. This week, we are going to talk about evangelism, but we are going to try this in a different way than normal. What if we only focused on a small group of people instead of a huge group? What if each student only focused on 3 people the entire year?


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3-week small group curriculum on friendship evangelism...

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Josh Griffin

Josh Griffin (@joshuagriffin)
is one of the leading voices in youth ministry with over 20 years’ experience in the trenches, most recently as the High School Pastor at Saddleback Church. He's the co-founder of DownloadYouthMinistry.com and hosts a 300+ episode youth ministry podcast with Doug Fields. He's created more than 100 youth ministry resources and authored several books. Josh and his wife Angela have 3 teenagers in their house right now, with one more close behind!

Justin Knowles

Justin leads all campuses of Sandals Youth at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA.

He loves creating an environment for students to meet Jesus, loves to teach at his service or camps, talk leadership, develop volunteers and disciple students.

He also writes about his journey through youth ministry on the Download Youth Ministry blog and host the Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast.

He is married to his wonderful wife Kristin for the past 7 years and has 2 sons!

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