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This resource is meant to be a teaching/discussion companion that accompanies the first five episodes (Old Testament) of “The Bible” miniseries that was released by the History Channel in 2013. This resource does not contain the miniseries video. You’ll need to purchase or rent the video.. Generally, each of episodes are split into 3 video segments of roughly 10-15 minutes each. This companion resource provides you with teaching outlines, small group discussion questions, and weekly devotional sheets.

- READ ME overview document (Word file)
- 14 individual session teaching guides (Word files)
- 14 individual session small group discussion question sheets (Word files)
- 14 individual session student devotion sheets (Word files)
- 1 complete Powerpoint file with content for recapping previous sessions.

Teaching outlines: The outline contains roughly 10-15 minutes of teaching notes meant to accompany the video clip. The teaching notes are designed to be used after the video clip, but occasionally some thoughts are to be given before. The outline also contains all the Scripture references for the stories shown in that week’s clip.

Additionally, each teaching outline provides details of the Start/Stop times for each video clip.

And, as a bonus, I’ve also included the PowerPoint slides that I used at the beginning of each night when I gave a recap of what we’d watched so far.

Small Group Discussion Questions
Each video clip comes with discussion questions that can be used after the video has been watched. The discussion question sheets also contain the Scripture passages for that week’s video clip. That way, if you have other adult leaders leading the discussion, they can easily locate the stories in the Bible that were shown on the video.

Weekly Devotional Sheet
Each devotional sheet contains five days of devotions that can be printed on one sheet of paper (front and back) and given to students to take home with them. Each devotional sheet focuses on the stories that were presented in the video that week. Students are given a few verses to read and two questions to answer. This resource is especially geared for those students who are not currently reading/studying the Bible on their own. It is meant to be something that only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, but hopefully gets them into a healthy habit.

'The Bible' Miniseries Companion Resource (Old Testament)

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A 14-session companion teaching/discussion resource for the History Channel's 'The Bible” (Old Testament) miniseries.
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Aaron is a former youth pastor who went over to the 'dark side' of ministry...being a senior pastor! Before he fell, he had 10 years experience in youth ministry serving in 2 smaller churches. He has a wonderful wife and 3 young children. He currently serves as senior pastor at Eureka Bible Church in Eureka, Illinois.

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