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One of my (Matt McGill) best nights in youth ministry!
The idea was to design a creative prayer time for our students, a place where they could step away from their regular, busy lives and simply "BE" with God.

We created 15 different stations, each with a devotional, scripture, and activity. Going into the event, we felt that some of the activities were a little uncomfortable/risky, and maybe even cheesy. However, each station ended up being great (honest!) and the whole event was awesome. Sure, we'd make a few changes next time around, but everything went off really well.

We planned a 2 hour event. We went 30 minutes long, which was a drag. 90% of the students didn't complete all of the stations. When we do it again, we'll probably do a few less stations (not sure which one I'd cut...but we might combine stations 4 and 5) and plan for a three hour event.

Here is a quick overview of all the stations:
  • Be Ready - Getting started: gathering everyone to set the tone.
  • Be Still - identify the "static" in their lives that keep them from hearing God
  • Be Silent - duct tape over your mouth, Ecc 5, listening to God
  • Be Vocal - write out a prayer, read that prayer and a few psalms out loud
  • Be Loved - identity in Christ, lies of the enemy we believe about ourselves
  • Be Freed - nail it to the cross
  • Be Child-like - joy, delight, celebrate ... shoot 5 baskets, finger paint, eat a desert
  • Be Reverent - shoes off, lie on the grass, listen to a dramatic reading of scripture
  • Be Called - Jesus calling Peter, have you set down the net?
  • Be Light - praying for friends who don't know Jesus
  • Be Courageous - write a fear on a stone and throw it into the lake
  • Be Servant-hearted - Upper room foot washing...be washed, wash another
  • Be Compassionate - "Social justice" issues ... read them all, pick one to pray for
  • Be Reminded - Lord's Supper
  • Be Thankful - Identify something you are thankful for...write it on a white board and we take a picture
  • Be Together - chapel service


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A creative prayer experience

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Matt McGill


Husband, father, director of discipleship resources for Living On The Edge, youth ministry leadership coach, volunteer small group leader, Co-founder of download youth ministry

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