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In today's youth culture, the term “Bae” means someone you have a crush on, a significant other, a boyfriend/girlfriend. Baewatch is a four-week “dating” series about the type of qualities the Bible teaches we should look for in a significant other.

Week 1 - Am I Ready to be Dating? – What is dating and when is the right time?

Week 2 - The "Friend Zone" – Build a Friendship first.

Week 3 - What is Love? – How can I love video games, my mom, and my girlfriend?

Week 4 – Sex – What is “sexual immorality?” Why should I wait? Some tips to win the temptation battle.

This series includes:
Word-for-word teaching transcripts for each lesson (1500-2000 words)
Detailed small group questions for each week
Graphic template


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A 4-week series about Dating, Friendship, and Sex
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Free Ebook by Doug Fields

There are plenty of people who are grateful that you do what you do. Your students are, their families are, and your church is, even though they may not say it often enough. I want to say thanks on behalf of them, and model the way we need to be saying thanks to the leaders that serve alongside us—in ten different ways—through this ebook.

Thank YOU!