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Have you ever wondered if you should say your service tonight is gonna be "Lit"? Ever hear your youth groan when you say "fam" or "bae"? Use this game to experiment with every slang word you can think of to figure out whether it’s rad or bad to say it...

How to Play: To play this game you’ll need to be able to run slides (PowerPoint, Keynote, ProPresenter, etc.). You will need at least two white boards with dry erase markers and at least two contestants.

Your contestants will have to decide whether the key word on the screen is Rad (culturally relevant to teenagers) or Bad (nobody uses that word anymore, it’s lame).

The contestants must turn their back on the crowd and right down Bad or Rad, and while they are writing that down, the entire crowd will vote by moving to the left or right side of the room.

If they move to the left side, it means the word is Rad. If they move to the right it means its Bad.

Gameplay Options:
• Leader vs. Leader.This is my most highly recommended game mode. Test your leaders to see who knows teenage culture the best.

Leader vs. Student. Who knows culture better, leaders or students?

Student vs. Student. Find out which of your students is the bigger culture snob.

This Resource Includes:
• 13 Game slides (jpeg files)
• 1 Blank slide to make your own (jpeg file)
• Title slide (jpeg)

Rad or Bad

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Find out what students like by testing whether a word or phrase is either Rad or Bad.
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Sam Pettersen

Sam is married to his best friend Apryl, but he tends to call her wifey-fo-lifey. He has a daughter and a son on the way. Sam has worked with almost every denomination imaginable as a speaker, writer, film maker, and curriculum developer and is passionate about students in every phase.

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