Youth Group Tonight

Youth Group Tonight

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A three-week series that contains full nights of programing that puts every aspect of your service into a TV late-night show format.


Doug's note: SO VERY CREATIVE. I would have never thought of this... but, I'd do it in a heartbeat. What a fun way to break the routine of typical youth group. A lot of work was done by Frank--this 3 week series would take you 30-40 hours to put together. It's ready for you to "just add water." Well done Frank.


Youth Group Tonight is more than just a fun three-week series that will help your students interact with popular films and artists to encourage them to think more deeply and biblically. Each week is a full night of programing that puts every aspect of your service into a TV late-night show format. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PREPARE THIS THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SERVICE. You will need to spend time each week to prepare these services. However, in the end, it will result in a youth ministry experience unlike any you have ever done.

Each week, the show host interviews a celebrity. It is not necessary for the students to know who these celebrities are to get something out of the night. Whether they listen to the music or have seen the movies or not, they will still be able to learn something from the interview and small group sessions.

Week 1: Rapper NF
Theme: Living for God and Mental Health

Week 2: Brie Larson (Captain Marvel)
Theme: Using Your Gifts and Perseverance

Week 3: Thanos (Josh Brolin)
Theme: Death, Waiting, and Sacrifice

UPDATE: This resource now includes a Word Doc to help you adapt this to an online environment! An incredible way to be creative in a new online ministry season. Thank you Frank!

This Resource Includes:

  • A detailed overview document with a how-to-guide for set-up, preparation, leader roles, game ideas and pro-tips included to pull this event/series off (Word file)
  • Instructions to modify this for an online ministry context! (Word Doc)
  • Three editable 'show' schedules (Excel files)
  • Weekly co-host scripts (Word files)
  • Weekly host monologue scripts (Word files)
  • Weekly celebrity interview scripts (Word files)
  • Weekly small group questions to process the interview and point it towards application (Word files)
  • Games folder with seven game ideas, instructions, supply lists, Sidekick files and bumper videos
  • Graphics package (pdf, jpeg, png & mp4 files)
  • Plus, bonus instructional videos with Frank explaining the content (Word file with links to content)

The author includes several Author Videos to help you be successful with this resource! Below is a 1:20min preview of a longer Overview video that will give you a sense of all the guidance that is included here.





Frank Gil