Your First Four Weeks of Small Group

Your First Four Weeks of Small Group

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A four-week curriculum that will get your small group off to a great start.


Whether you’re starting a new year, a new school year, a new small group, or just want to get back to the foundations of what a healthy small group looks like, "Your First Four Weeks of Small Group" will lead you through four key topics of discussion. Each session is designed to be highly interactive and discussion-based so students have a deep sense of ownership and investment in how their small group functions.

Topics Include:
• Team
• Integrity
• Me. Mission. Ministry. Memories.
• Edification and Encouragement

This Resource Includes:
• Complete “Your First Four Weeks of Small Group” Word file
• Complete PDF file (unedited)

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Jerry Varner

Been in student ministry for a quarter century (and counting!). If you're in it too, I'm your biggest fan. The longer I do this, the more passionate I am about helping, equipping, encouraging, and empowering those coming behind me.