You Have Friends?

You Have Friends?

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This 4-week study on Friendship helps students navigate the social challenges of school in a way that promotes Christian values and community.


This is a 4-week Bible study on Friendship. Each week, we will address a specific struggle that comes with making friends. 

Week 1- How to make friends.
Week 2- How to connect deeply with some friends without excluding others.
Week 3- How to love others when you are shy.
Week 4- How to be friends with people we have nothing in common with and how to be friends with non-Christians. 

The goal of this class is to help students navigate the social challenges of high school and middle school in a way that promotes Godly values and Christian community.

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This Resource Includes:

  • 4 teaching manuscripts
  • 4 small group discussion guides
  • Series overview 
  • Presentation graphics 


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This resource is best used at a weekly gathering with a large group teaching followed by small group discussion.
Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris

JD loves pizza, lock-ins, Bible camp, and messing up slang words on purpose. He dominates 12-year-olds in ping pong and basketball in order to "build relationships" so they'll listen to his lessons. He has forgotten every bit of Greek from college.