Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up? Drama

Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up? Drama

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A two-act drama perfect for an outreach event that asks, “What makes you a Christian?”


This two-act drama allows your student leaders to present the salvation message in a unique and powerful way.

The story involves four individuals who have been invited to a conference room by a mysterious narrator. The narrator (who ends up being God) informs them that only one is a Christian, and each must state why they believe themselves to be the real Christian. The characters are: 1. Morality, who is convinced that good works are what define Christianity. 2. Religion, who comes from a strong family, is committed church attender, and knows a lot about God, but does not know Jesus personally. 3. Prayer, has prayed the “sinner’s prayer” countless time, but has done nothing with it. 4. Christian, a true Christian who recognized it’s all about Jesus.

In between acts, pull students on stage to share their personal testimonies on how they have encountered Jesus. This drama can be your entire message for your program and can lead right in to a response for salvation or recommitment.

This drama has been used with significant results at big outreach events, summer camps, youth service in “big people church,” and as regular weekly programming to finish a series called “True Christianity.” Anyone can play the roles, but it works best to have student leaders in the cast. The monologue style of the drama allows for the lines to be easily memorized.

Included in this resource:

    • Drama Script (Word file)
    • “How to Use This resource” with instructions on how to plan, promote and present the night, along with an introduction and conclusion manuscript for before and after the drama. (Word file)
    • Widescreen and Square formatted title slides for promotion and display (jpeg files)
    • Scripture slides to go with the drama presentation (jpeg files)
    • Response card to be filled out by students at the close of the drama (Word file)

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