Will It Burn?

Will It Burn?

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Epic video-driven game where objects get lit on fire! What could be better?
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This game could be described (by males) as “youth ministry at its finest!” This video-based game asks the question, “Will it Burn?” In other words, after a variety of objects are lit on fire with a propane torch, will there be visible flames?

Students will have 10 seconds to make up their minds—as the video counts down. You choose how they vote— perhaps by moving to one side of the room or the other, or simply by standing up or sitting down. Or this could be a great up-front game for a few contestants.

However you play it, this is one of the hottest games ever to grace DYM! Okay, bad pun… great game.

What’s included:
Title video
Instruction video
Multiple (7) object videos (you choose: with or without voice-over options)
Promo video for Instagram

Ken Leslie