Who Dat?

Who Dat?

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Players must correctly guess the celebrity described by the series of clues. But they must guess wisely—wrong answers result in a spin of the Condiment-Filled Twinkie Roulette Wheel. (Also included!)


Critics are raving about Who Dat?:
-“The most fun our youth group has had in a long time!” – 10th grade boy
-“SO FUN!” – 12th grade girl
-“I want to recommit my life to Christ!” – Longtime adult volunteer
-“Excuse me what time is this over? I need to tell my mom what time to pick me up.” – 7th grade boy

As the clues are slowly revealed, anyone in the audience can run up and try to guess the celebrity being described.

Correct answers are rewarded with a prize./p>

Wrong answers result in a spin of the condiment-filled Twinkie Roulette Wheel (that Sidekick file also included!) where players must take a bite of a Twinkie filled with a condiment selected by the wheel: siriacha, relish, or liver paté./p>

The clues are designed to be as misleading as possible, so you’re almost guaranteed to have at least one overeager student who thinks they know what a ton about “pachyderms” go to the wheel!

This Resource Includes:
• 1 Title Slide (.jpeg)
• 1 Bumper (Title) video (.mov)
• 10 sets of clues (7 clues per celebrity) and answer slides (80 individual jpg files)
• .sidekick file


DYM Team