Who Am I? | A Three-Week Conversation on Identity

Who Am I? | A Three-Week Conversation on Identity

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A three-week small group curriculum about our identity as Jesus people (exploring who we were, who we are, and who we will be).


"Who am I?" This is a question that everyone wrestles with. But the question is one high school students struggle with - I would argue - more than anyone. Therefore, this small group study asks the tough questions, gets students thinking, and ultimately points them to their true identities as found in Jesus.

The goal behind this small group curriculum is this: that students would have a better understanding of their identity, which will then therefore have an effect on how they live.

Each week in this curriculum, you’ll find the following:
1. A main idea statement that summarizes the week's topic of discussion
2. Leader’s notes about the topic
3. Instructions for a weekly group exercise
4. Scripture references for discussion
5. Questions related to the passages of Scripture
6. Discussion questions on why this matters for students today
7. A prayer and/or journaling exercise

The topics of the three weeks are as follows:
Week 1: I Was
Week 2: I Am
Week 3: I Will Be

The hope is that this resource would be a helpful guide for every small group leader that uses it, and that the discussions that result from it would be fruitful and point students to Jesus.

This Resource Includes:
• Overview for leaders document (Word file)
• Complete curriculum plan for each week (Word files)


David Beavis