When You ... 3 Things Christians Do on God's Mission

When You ... 3 Things Christians Do on God's Mission

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A 3-week series on the times when Jesus said, "When you ..." to describe three essential Christian practices: prayer, fasting, and giving.


Editor's note: This is a really solid resource. It has a strong, unified theme that is carried out well throughout the three weeks.

Jesus used the words "When you ..." about three different practices: praying, fasting, and giving. The word "IF" implies an option. The word "WHEN" is an expectation. Jesus expects that His followers will PRAY, FAST, and GIVE. Not only do these three practices help us, but they serve to expand the mission of God to the rest of the world around us. Use this series to teach these three essential practices. Use it before a mission trip or a big giving campaign, or as a way of taking students into a deeper commitment to Christ and His cause.

This Resource Includes:
• Series overview and outlines, along with a couple series ideas.
• Three full preaching manuscripts with suggestions for illustrations
• Background graphic, series graphic, and Facebook cover photo

Mike Acker