Wheels vs Doors

Wheels vs Doors

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Are your students "Team Wheels" or "Team Doors"? Use this game to find out – as they race to answer the question: are there more doors or more wheels on the screen? Even better, this game leads to GREAT small group discussion.
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It's the question everyone on TikTok is asking: are there more wheels in the world or doors? Regardless of whether you're on Team Wheels (the right answer) or Team Doors, this game will be tons of fun for your students!

Each round, they'll try to figure out if there are more doors or more wheels on the screen. The game ends by opening the debate to the group: are there more wheels or doors in the world? 

Not only is the game fun and competitive, but it gets discussion going in your small groups almost as well as the age-old question: "Is a hot dog a sandwich?"

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (10 Q&A + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Title and social media images (jpeg files)


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Have the teens play in small groups, so that you can seamlessly transition into discussion/debate at the end.
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