What If?

What If?

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A ridiculously fun game of scenarios that makes no sense and has no correct answers!


What If... is a screen-based game that will work anytime of the year, but will work really well in conjunction with either the "IF" series or the "What If" one-off message that is available here on DYM.

Here’s how the game works: Choose a leader or a student to come to the front of the room. Show the first slide on the screen which presents a random "what if" scenario and four ridiculous responses. On a small dry-erase board, or piece of paper, the leader or student who you chose secretly chooses their response. Once they have recorded their answer, then the audience reveals their answers. A point is awarded to anyone who correctly matches their answer with the person up front.

Look through the preview slides to get a sense of the game. It will get your students laughing and giggling and sharing their answers with one another!

Game is best played as a "table game" (where each table competes against the others) or in groups or sections, but can be played in dozens of different ways.

This resource includes:
* JPEG Slides (1920px x 1080px)
* Title Slide
* 10 gameplay slides + 1 tie-breaker slide
* PowerPoint File

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