Walking with Peter: Prayer Station Guide

Walking with Peter: Prayer Station Guide

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A 9-station prayer experience that follows the life of the apostle Pe-ter.


Editor’s note: I really like this resource. It’s simple and well-written and definitely has the potential to be a powerful experience for stu-dents.

This prayer experience—which will work during a normal week-end/midweek service, as a special event, or at a camp or retreat—is designed to give your students a handful of experiences the apostle Peter had while He was following Jesus. They will have the oppor-tunity to reflect deeply on Peter’s encounters with Jesus while re-flecting on their current journey of faith.

Each station is different. Some will engage the senses. Some will engage their hearts. Some will have materials. Others will be con-templative. I pray that your students will walk away from this time with a fuller sense of God’s faithfulness, forgiveness, and love for them.

The 9 Stations
• Confessing Jesus
• Walking on Water for Jesus
• Standing Up for God
• Giving Forgiveness
• Jesus Died for You
• Prayer FOR You
• Receiving Forgiveness
• The Rock
• Fire

This Resource Includes:
• Printable, editable instructions for 9 prayer stations
• Materials list

Joel Friend