Viva: Stewardship

Viva: Stewardship

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Help you and your students reclaim the word stewardship from simply meaning to tithe


Stewardship. One of the most church-y words of them all that calls to mind sermons on money, remembering to tithe our money, and passing around collection plates for… money.

But what if the word was able to mean more to us, and especially our youth, than just money? What if the word stewardship drew up feelings of inspiration, blessing, and possibility?

This VIVA! series will help you and your students reclaim the word stewardship from simply meaning to tithe, and allow it to drive their thinking in terms of blessing, possibility, creation care, time, and yes, money.

Week 1: To Bless Others
To be a steward is to be someone who looks after, or takes care of, what has been entrusted to you. One of the most important things we as followers of Jesus have been called to do is care for each other. This week’s lesson will help us to see our participation in stewardship as a direct call from God to take the resources available in His kingdom and use them to bless others.

Week 2: Time
365 days in a year. 24 hours in a day. 60 minutes in an hour. 60 seconds in a minute.

We have zero control over time. There is nothing we can do to slow it down, speed it up, or hit pause like Zack Morris. Some people fill their days with near-constant activities and expectations while others sit around waiting for something to do that feels worth getting off the couch for. In this lesson your group will get a chance to take a look at themselves as stewards of time, discussing what it could look like to manage their time in a way that honors themselves, those around them, and God.

Week 3: Creation
At times it is necessary to take a step back and appreciate just how big God is. In the entirety of the known and unknown universe there is but one earth: one place where life of all kinds exists and thrives as part of God’s good plan. Scripture makes it clear that one of the greatest gifts we have been given is the earth and all that’s within it. As humans, we were given that gift along with the great responsibility of being its stewards. This lesson will help your group wrestle with the ways we have, and haven’t, been good stewards of the earth God created.

Week 4: Money
For better or worse, money makes the world go ‘round. This week’s lesson will create opportunities for reflection and discussion to help your group be stewards of their money in such a way that our world may go ‘round, a little more often, for the better.

They’ll take a look at where their money comes from, how it gets spent, how it can be used to bless or curse, and, yes, how it can be given to support the work of the church.

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