Verified. Dealing with Cyberbullying

Verified. Dealing with Cyberbullying

GOLD members pay $5.20
A parent-student workshop that is a kickstarter for having conversations about cyberbullying on social media.


Doug's note: Could be double the price it is and it's still a steal. I'm going to use this in my church and look like a genius. We need more of these resources Sam... well, at least I do. Well done!

Have you ever had that fear that parents probably already know what you're teaching? Am I doing yet another parent meeting...

Verified is a parent meeting that has a twist that your parents will love. The idea is to get parents and students in the same room so that you can equip parents with practical wisdom, reinforce the parent's role, and give practical wisdom to students.

The best part is when they leave, it allows parents and students to organically talk about everything on the way home.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete workshop manuscript (Word file)
• Email invite example (Word file)
• Title graphic & blank slide (jpeg files)
• Parent handout with talk notes (jpeg file)
• 5 social media "how-to" videos (mp4 files)


Sam Pettersen