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A four-week message series on the exceptional nature of the Christian life.
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Week 1: Uncommon Community

If you think about it, we get to gather weekly and hang out. We have the opportunity to be in community and when it is a Godly community, it can become uncommon. It will be a different kind of community.


Week 2: We are Called To Be Uncommon

If you look at the life of Jesus, He was uncommon. Christians are called to follow Him. If we follow Jesus and He was uncommon, than we are to be uncommon as well. This week will focus on how students’ lives should look uncommon compared to the rest of the world when they follow Jesus.


Week 3: God’s Love Is Uncommon

This week is a Gospel driven message looking at how God’s love is so uncommon; it is irresistible when grasped. God is uncommon because despite of our mess, He still wants a relationship with us.


Week 4: How To Live R.I.G.H.T.

This week will help students understand how to practically live out a life that is uncommon. Students will be challenged by the R.I.G.H.T. acronym to give them simple, but challenging concepts to live a life that follows Jesus so they to can become UNCOMMON.


What’s included:

  • Four 2000+ word for word manuscript messages (Word files).

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Justin Knowles

Justin Knowles

Director of Youth at Sandals Church. Host of Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast.