Ultimate Mystery Game Experience

Ultimate Mystery Game Experience

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Students team up with their friends, win with adult volunteers, and solve the mystery in the Ultimate Mystery Game Experience!


Doug's note: Amazing! This would have take me 50 hours to create... actually, I couldn't have come up with this! So fun!

Solve the mystery (aka, CLUE) in this all-inclusive kit! This game is perfect for your next outreach event or lock-in. Use the accompanying script, character bios for adult leaders, and detailed "how-tos" to create an open-world game that will engage a youth ministry of any size.

A robbery has occurred at the mansion of a celebrity pop star. Where are the items? Who is the thief? Adult leaders play characters while students attempt to solve the mystery!

With the Ultimate Mystery Game Experience, students will divide up into teams of 6-7 students and utilize your entire building or campus! Teams have to work together to question the mansion staff and solve the mystery of the Great Gold Robbery.

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions document provides an extensive "how to" leader guide for set-up, detailed character bios/, Leader FAQ, schedule, supply list, and more (Word file)
• Full Storyline and Answer Story (Word file)
• Sleuth Team evidence table to help guide small groups through the experience (Word file)
• Graphics with social media promotional images (png and psd files)
• Rules slides (jpeg files)


Clark Chilton