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An entire night of programming based on anger--including a message, small group questions, and screen game.


This One-off night of programming is all about anger. Anger is one of those emotions difficult to control, but with gaining some understanding from Jesus’ life, students can begin to realize that it isn’t the emotion that is sinful. How students react to anger makes all the difference.

This message fits perfectly in today’s culture of protests, social media outrage, and just straight up anger. Students struggle with knowing how to respond to their anger many times, so why not teach them how Jesus dealt with it?

This already-planned-for-you night is great as an buffer between series, or to discuss something important going on in today’s news.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (2000+ words)
• Small group leader guide
• Comprehensive graphics package
• Overview document (pdf file) with
- Social media integration plan
- Pre & post service music playlist
- Worship set ideas
- A complete trivia screen game called "Why So Angry?”

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Ken Leslie