Trauma-Informed Discipleship

Trauma-Informed Discipleship

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The Unique Discipleship Needs of Traumatized Teenagers is a complete training session to help youth workers talk about God to teens who come from hard places.


Editor's note: I really like this resource! It is a much-needed introduction into what volunteers need to look out for. It's more introductory than in-depth and detailed training (which should allow the average-youth worker to feel comfortable teaching it). Very helpful for those who want to tackle this topic with their volunteers.

We've heard about trauma-informed care or trauma-informed classrooms, but have you ever considered trauma-informed discipleship? What a teenager believes about God may be directly connected to the trauma they have experienced in the past. This training session for leaders will help them think about how they can best disciple the teenagers in their group while keeping their past hurts in mind.

This Resource Includes:
• Training overview document (Word file)
• Complete training manuscript (Word file)
• Small group guide (Word file)
• Participant handout (Word file)
• PowerPoint presentation file
• Introductory video
• Complete graphics package (jpeg files)
• PowerPoint game/discussion: Jack & Jill