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A hilarious and editable top ten screen-driven list to makes your kids laugh and transition between activities.


If you’ve ever watched any late-night shows, like Letterman, you know that top ten lists can be a really funny and simple way to transition between things and grab an audience’s attention. For youth groups, they can definitely serve that purpose. If done right, Top Ten Lists can also be a great way to call out kids and leaders in the group, making them feel appreciated. They're also great at stirring up subplots and building inside jokes!

In this screen-driven resource, you’ll find not just 10 but 11 of the worst New Year’s Resolutions out there that are sure to make your kids laugh. The elev-enth one is a bonus. Don’t you feel special?

This Resource Includes:
• Complete (editable) PowerPoint file
• Blank slides if you get creative and want to make your own Top Ten List (jpeg files)
• Tips and ideas (Word file)


John Cleveland

There is nothing more humbling, rewarding and sanctifying than ministering to teens.