This Is Why I'm Broke: Prank Edition

This Is Why I'm Broke: Prank Edition

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A video-based screen game where students must guess the costs of prank items. It's like the "Price Is Right" only with fart-scented candles and live ladybugs.


This could be the best and worst thing to ever happen to your group. It's the best because your students have to guess the price of these prank items and every item is entertaining. It's the worst because they may go out and buy it. For this game, you’ll need a presentation software (powerpoint, propresenter, easyworship) and a screen. Give your students 15 seconds to choose between the two prices on the screen and move to the left or right side of the room. If they choose the wrong answer, they have to sit down.

This Resource Includes:
• Title/intro video (mov file)
• Individual (10 rounds) game video clips (mov files)

Sam Pettersen