This is Why I'm Broke: Amazon's Weirdest

This is Why I'm Broke: Amazon's Weirdest

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A hilarious video-based screen game where students must guess the costs of some of the weirdest products sold on Amazon.


Amazon has a plethora of weird things to buy, but we went out and found the weirdest things you can buy today. In this video-driven screen game, you will show some amazing products available online. Contestants must guess how much the items cost. Whoever gets the closest to the actual price, wins a point.

Not only is this game fun for the contestants, but the crowd will love seeing the random items we've picked out.

Set Up: You'll need some type of software that can display video (Pro-presenter, PowerPoint, etc.)

This Resource Includes:
o 1 Title video clip (mp4 files)
o 12 video clips (mov and mp4 files)


Sam Pettersen