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After viewing a short description, students have to guess the word that rhymes with Christmas


This screen-based game gives students a short description of a word that rhymes with Christmas. It’s hilarious and challenging at the same time!

There are two really good ways to play this game: head-to-head, or with the whole group.

Head-to-Head - Bring two students (or two teams) up to the front of the room. Place a buzzer or button between the opposing students and have them place their hands behind their back. Once the question slide is read, the first student to hit the button and guess the correct answer gets a point.

With the Whole Group - If you want to get everyone involved, give students a pencil and paper. After you read a question, put on a timer for approximately 10 seconds. During that time, students must answer the question. Move through all 8 questions. The student with the most answers right at the end of the game wins! This Resource Includes:
* Complete editable PowerPoint game file
* Individual (8 Q&A + instructions) slides (jpeg files @ 1920 x 1080)
* Title slide (jpeg file)

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Ken Mcintyre