The Youth Pastor

The Youth Pastor

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I have written a very practical book to help those serving in student ministry. I wanted to write a book that can help those early in student ministry with everyday and every week ministry related issues. This book will help with all aspects of student ministry including teaching, budgeting, parent ministry, small group success, longevity, student leadership, etc. This book includes questions in each chapter in which the reader can think about and write in thoughts. At the end of each chapter are a list of prayer points related to the given chapter.

I have a great opportunity to mentor new youth pastors on a regular basis. I have found out that many of them have graduated from Bible College and have the book knowledge but have very little idea of how to run a student ministry in a church setting. I had many of these young youth pastors in mind as I was writing this book. I believe that this book will help those serving in student ministry to be better prepared for maximum impact on the lives of students, parents and leaders.
Intended reader:

This book was written for those interested in student ministry. The most targeted audience would be those in Bible college training for student ministry as well as those who are just getting started in student ministry.

1. Your call into ministry
2. Working hard to reach teens
3. Adults in your church are an extension of student ministry
4. Let the church know what's happening
5. The Importance of Planning
6. Youth Ministry Interns
7. Budgeting for student ministry
8. Youth ministry longevity
9. Teaching teens
10. Utilize the gifts of others
11. Adult leader training
12. Counseling teens
13. Small group success
14. Sorting through curriculum
15. Branding your student ministry
16. Making trips count
17. Invite students to come all the time
18. Part time youth pastors
19. Talk to your students
20. Ministry growth
21. Your spiritual growth
22. Reaching students
23. Helping parents pilot the teen years
24. Parent Meetings that matter
25. Knowing the other ministries in your church
26. The Children's ministry at your church
27. Share what you know with others
28. Student Leadership Teams
29. The Interview
30. Sample volunteer manual

Bob Anderson