The Suffering

The Suffering

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A 3-week sermon series on suffering, teaching students how to get back up when life beats them down.


Editor's note: This is a really well-written series that does a very solid job at engaging the topic of suffering in a student-friendly manner. 

The Suffering series was created out of a need to respond to questions on pain and suffering. We will all experience pain and suffering in this life; yet, we are told there is a God who loves us. Why would a good God allow us to go through some of the horrific pains we experience? Not only that, when life knocks us down, it often feels like we are abandoned to die, and sometimes it seems like God doesn’t care. So what is the truth? Does God really care about each of us? This series will address these questions as we learn how to get back up when life beats us down.

Bible Passages: Romans 8:35–39 1 Corinthians 15:3–8 1 Peter 4:19

This Resource Includes: 

  • Teaching guides with detailed manuscripts
  • Small group guide for each message (with teaching notes)
  • Message and Small Group Handouts
  • Optional preaching material (for expanded message series)
  • Pre-made Sermon slides for each message
  • Graphic templates for sermons, social media, notes, and custom content
  • Individual graphic assets to make any customizations your heart desires

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There is a ton of content within here. While it is packaged in a 3-part series other churches have gone through this series slower and made it into a 6 part series. Each message has teacher tips that will lean the message toward a middle school, high school, or college age audience.
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Scott Cody