The Pursuit

The Pursuit

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This series is designed to save future marriages.


Everybody wants to find the "one." Everybody is in full pursuit of life-long love. We all want to get married someday and the only way to get there is through dating. So in this four-week series, we show students how to date to get married. This isn't a series about when to date or why you should break up with someone. This is a series that will show students who God made them to be, the spouse that they will be, and the spouse that God wants them to have.

This series is designed to save future marriages. It not only equips students with wisdom for dating but how to be a better spouse.

WEEK ONE // THE PURSUIT // The pursuit doesn't begin until you say, "I do."

WEEK TWO // THE ADVENTURE // It's all about knowing who you are by knowing who God is.

WEEK THREE // THE RIB // God designed us to support and sacrifice for our spouses.

WEEK FOUR // THE SMALL FOXES // The way you date now will determine your success in marriage.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Four message manuscripts (Word)
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