The Playlist

The Playlist

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A 3-week series on the power of music in worship and revealing the glory of God.


First, let me assure you that the goal of this study is NOT to get your kids to burn all their secular CDs. Besides, they probably don’t have CDs anyway. (I’ll bet you feel old right now … I know, so do I!) Also, the goal of this study is NOT to pit Christian music against secular music.

Instead, the goal of this study is the following:

1) To showcase how God intends for us to use music in our lives, especially as it pertains to worship.
2) To encourage students to THINK biblically and critically about what music says.
3) To help students to see the necessity and beauty of worshipping Christ in song, and to encourage students to LOVE worship.

Music is a big part of our lives, and most teens are probably struggling with music in some way—whether they're listening to the wrong stuff, struggling to find the good stuff, or even failing to understand why worship is important. Maybe you have a group of students who are all over the place when it comes to musical taste. Maybe you've been struggling to find a way to introduce some good Christian tunage to them. Or maybe, there just seems to be a lack of enthusiasm during worship. My hope is that this Bible study can help with that.

This would make a great Bible study, Sunday school class, or small-group study.

This Resource Includes:
• Editable sermon manuscripts with transitions, activities, questions and many suggestions for alternative ideas or tips.
• Powerpoint presentations for each week
• Blank slides so you can make your own presentations.

Note: Music files are NOT included.


John Cleveland

There is nothing more humbling, rewarding and sanctifying than ministering to teens.