The Movie Discussion

The Movie Discussion

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A resource for Scripture, Movies, Yummy Snacks, & Good Discussion.


Movies can play a big part of youth events like all-nighters, retreats, weekly programs, etc… and organizing a structured discussion after the viewings can be instrumental. Movies are very influential for today’s youth and most of the time they don’t even realize the influence a movie or TV Show is having on them, which is why it's so important to have at least some sort of discussion about its message and influence afterwards.

In this resource you will find the following—all in Word documents:

1. Student Handout: This will give students ten questions to read before the movie and look for during their viewing. You'll go through this handout after the movie and discuss as many of the ten questions as you'd like.

2. Passage Breakdown: Take time before each movie you watch to go through Scripture that is applicable and break it down so that when you watch the movie you can hold it up to God's Word.

3. Leader Guide: This document will give you 20 movie suggestions, 6 movie event ideas, a guide on how to pick your movies, and a rundown on how to use this resource.

Have fun and use this however you see best.


Chad Merrihew