The Books of Samuel

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The books of Samuel record the transition from the Wild West of Judges to the formation of the monarchy and the nation as a major power, with a focus on Samuel, Saul, and David.


The books of Samuel are a 3000-year-old massive epic. The stuff of legends. It’s the kind of story HBO or Netflix would make into the next must-see TV series. It has everything: action, romance, betrayal, war, rescues, friendship, murder, conspiracy, loyalty, and a struggle over who would possess the throne. First and Second Samuel record the transition from the Wild West of the time of the Judges to the formation of the monarchy and the nation as a major power.

This four-week series includes full manuscripts, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and discussion guides, social media images, and four bumper videos that can be used in person, online, and on social media.

Week One: The Rise of Samuel. Students will learn to listen to God, that they are never too young to be used, and about the priesthood of all believers.

Week Two: The People's King. Through the story of Saul's rise and failure, students will learn to trust God's wisdom, to be patient, and to be humble.

Week Three: Otherwise Occupied. Through the story of David's opportunity to kill Saul in the cave, students will learn to guard their hearts and trust God's timing.

Week Four: Vixen or Victim? Through the story of David's sin against God and Bathsheba, students will learn that God always forgives, sin has consequences, and God is with us when we suffer.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • Handout and Small group discussion guide for each week (Word files, versions with blanks and filled in)
  • PowerPoint presentation file for each message
  • Graphics package with title, content, and social images (jpeg files)
  • Bumper videos for each week (1080p MP4 files)
Matthew McNutt

Matthew McNutt

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