The Big Three

The Big Three

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A 3-week series focuses on three main tools God has given Christians: the Bible, prayer, and the church.


The Big Three series focuses on the three primary tools that God has given every Christian to grow in their faith: the Bible, prayer, and the church.

In the lesson on the Bible, reasons are given for why students should study the Bible. Also, there's a dedicated amount of time on how to easily teach your students to study the Bible using a simple method of observation, interpretation, and application.

In the lesson on prayer, you'll look at the biblical benefits of prayer. You'll also discuss what would distract and prevent us from prayer. And we end with another opportunity to learn to pray (with the ACTS method) as a group.

The lesson on the local church looks at the reasons why the church should matter to every student in your youth group. It also ends by sharing three ways that each student can serve and contribute to their church.

This Resource Includes:
• 3 teaching manuscripts of over 2,000 words each
• 3 PowerPoint presentations that contain the main points and Scripture passages
•Title and Content graphic


Troy Solava