The Bible In Depth 2 Timothy

The Bible In Depth 2 Timothy

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Get your students really in the Word


If you are looking for a Bible study where your students have to actually open the Bible than The Bible In Depth Bible studies will do just that. TBID Bible Studies are written to teach students how to get answers from the Bible. When answering questions students will not only write down the answer but put the verse next to their answer. Students will even learn how to ask good questions while reading the Bible.

TBID Bible studies are great for small groups. If you have a large group of students divide the group having a leader facilitate the discussion. You will find both your leader and students digging in the Bible to find the answers.

If you don't have enough adult leaders ask some of your student leaders to lead the group giving them the leader copy to help facilitate the study.

This TBID Bible study lesson includes a leader copy and a student copy, WORD and PDF versions of each. Buy it once and make all of the copies you need!

Bob Anderson