The "Challenging" Parent

The "Challenging" Parent

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A practical training that deals with 13 types of parents.


While youth workers would love for every parent to be the "dream parent" who volunteers, funds everything, and is invested in the lives of their children and our ministry, the truth is some of them are… well…, ummm... a challenge.

We can't ignore parents. No matter how much time teenagers spend within our ministry, they still go home to their parents.

This practical training offers insights into working with ALL different types of parents and the unique way we need to approach each one. It’s a resource that gives an overview of ways to partner with parents, scripts on talking to parents, and even specialized focus on what to do when a parent is "angry" with you and/or the ministry.

Twenty pages of content includes:
Talking to Parents
Basics In Initiating Conversations with Parents
Basics on Talking to Parents When Students Get In “Trouble”

Then, there’s a section that describes these 13 types of parents…
1. I Have Too Much To Do: The Frazzled Parent
2. You Want My Child to Do What With Whom? The Overprotective Parent
3. Catch Me If You Can: The Drive-By Parent
4. Youth Group Is Just One Of Many Checks On My List: Parent of the Overextended Student
5. I Have No Idea What I Am Doing- But You’re The Expert: The Deflecting Parent
6. I Am Going This Alone: The single parent
7. I’m Not Even The Parent: Guardians, Grandparents and Friends Who Parent
8. My Way Is the Best Way: The overly opinionated parent
9. You Work for Me: The Pastor Parent
10. I Just Want to Help: The Volunteer Parent
11. You Think I Don’t Need You But- I Do: The Perfect Parent
12. You are wrong! The Blaming Parent.
13. Accept it: It’s your fault: The Angry Parent

There are quick and practical ways to approach each one of these parents. This is a great training/resource for both paid veterans or eager volunteers who need to learn to work with parents.

Leneita Fix