Thanksgiving Reflection Stations

Thanksgiving Reflection Stations

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Six interactive Thanksgiving reflection stations with questions, Scripture, and interactive experiences at each stop.


Six Thanksgiving reflection stations designed to help students process all that God has done in their life over the past year. Students will reflect on a question, Scripture, and engage in an interactive experience at each station. 

Station 1: God's Strength
Station 2: Answered Prayer
Station 3:  God's Guidance
Station 4: Transformation/Growth
Station 5: People/Relationships
Station 6:  God's Promises/Character

You could pull this off for about $50. Most of the supplies can be things you already have around (rocks, sand, sharpies, etc). The included Amazon list is about $125 total, but that includes options if you need to buy absolutely everything. 

We did the stations with about 40 kids and it took 30-40 minutes. 

This Resource Includes: 

  • How to use this resource document (Word file)
  • Leader guide (Word file)
  • Amazon supply list (Word file)
  • Station Card with a question, Scripture, and interactive experience directions for each station (jpeg and pdf files)
  • Example pictures of each station (jpeg files) 
  • Spotify playlist link
  • Title slide
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