Thanksgiving - Rejoice Always

Thanksgiving - Rejoice Always

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A Thanksgiving small group study that explores how to be thankful regardless of our circumstances.


Thankfulness is easy...when our expectations are met. It's also easy to grumble when things don't go as planned. Modern pundits like to blame our “fast food,” “have it your way” culture, but spiritual discontent is nothing new. In this lesson, we focus on the theme verse of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and the experience of the Israelites, recorded in Numbers 13 & 14, to explore what rejoicing always means and how it's possible to give thanks in all circumstances.

A perfect study to use for the Thanksgiving season.

The Leader’s Guide includes a warm up activity, plenty of discussion questions, and practical application. The Student Guide contains all Scripture passages, discussion questions, and a memory verse. There’s also a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes, and all the images you need to customize your own amazing presentation with ProPresenter or PowerPoint.

• Complete Leader’s Guide (editable Word file and unedited pdf file)
• Complete Student Guide (editable Word file and unedited pdf file)
• Complete PowerPoint presentation file
• Individual presentation slides (png and gif files)


Robert Rinella