Textable Devotions, Volume 1

Textable Devotions, Volume 1

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40 days of devotions that could work in conjunction with Lent...


Moving beyond a "verse of the day" this is a quick insightful devotional that can be texted to students (and parents) daily. Each "devo" contains a thought, the reference and then a direct hyperlink for them to read the Scripture. The passages aren't over 3-5 verses long, so they can reflect deeply on it as a thought for the day.

This particular series is 40 days long and can be used in conjunction with Lent. The topic is "When We Belong to Jesus." What does it mean to not just be "Saved" but to really belong to Christ. What did Jesus do? What does He think of us? How does sin play into all of this? Help them understand what it means for their identity to be in Christ.

This resource also contains several ideas of how to use the devos to help your students grow in the Lord and their faith.

Leneita Fix