Team Builders

Team Builders

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Five group challenges to create memories, bonds, and teaching opportunities for your students.


Building memories, creating invaluable opportunities for students to connect as a group, and making situations full of teachable moments ... these things are priceless. Students grow when they're challenged together, pushed to complete an impossible task together, and/or put in situations where they must rely on each other to succeed. Use these five creative team builders as a tool to create opportunities for your students to bond, learn, and grow together. We've also included a "How To Create Your Own Team Builder" document in this resource. This is what we used to create the five team builders you'll see in this resource. You can create your own team builders, too! This resource has everything needed to plan, prep, and run each TEAM BUILDER perfectly. All documents are 100 percent editable and ready to use.

This Resource Includes:

• Resource Info
• How To Create Your Own Team Builder
• Team Builder Template (Word)
• 5 Team Builders
• Picture & Movie Examples for Team Builders
• Author Contact Info

Chad Merrihew


Jessica McDonald