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Surviving School is a 3 week teaching series to help students endure school with gratitude and prayer, influence their friends and peers with their words and example, and succeed with hard work and discipline.


Few things stress us out more than school. It consumes over half of an entire calendar year, and it dominates our thoughts and emotions. School is not just classes, homework, and tests; it is a dynamic realm of pressures, relationships, choices, drama, and unpredictable circumstances.

Whether it’s stress from within or from without, school is tough and hard to endure. School seems natural for some, annoying for others, and straight up torture for the rest. 

If you’re not overwhelmed by the workload, you will be because of tryouts or interpersonal conflicts or apathy. 

Where does God fit into it all, and if He does, does He have anything helpful to say? How do we endure? How do we influence? How do we succeed?

Week 1 - How to Endure
Scripture: Philippians 4:4-7

Week 2 - How to Influence
Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16

Week 3 - How to Succeed
Scripture: Colossians 3:23; Proverbs 25:28

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This Resource Includes:

  • 3 Teaching Guides
  • 3 Small Group Discussion Guides
  • Series Title Slide
  • Series Blank Slide
  • Parent Guide

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1. This series would be great to use in the middle of the school quarter/semester 2. Distribute the parent guide a day or two after each message to enable parents to engage the topic with their kids throughout the week
Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years. He serves at a local church in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. He enjoys writing message and small group content for youth groups but struggles to write personal bios.