Student Ministry Postcards

Student Ministry Postcards

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Let students know you know and care about them with a hand-written card.


10 postcards, each with a different message, to help you and your leaders connect with your students in every situation!

This Resource Includes:
10 postcards (1 set with space to add your ministry’s social media handles.)
• Feel Better
• Great Job on Stage
• Happy Birthday
• Have Fun
• Hey
• I Saw That, Great Work
• Keep Being Awesome
• Misses Seeing You
• Let's Get a Burger Sometime
• Thanks For Showing Up

These professionally designed cards were formatted so that you can:
1. Send them to a professional printer just as they are. They were originally created to send to Vista Print. You can get them professionally printed for around $0.50/card.
2. Print them in-house.


justin Herman