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Are your students struggling with quiet time? (Hint: yes!) This will jog their hearts to respond to the Bible.


This journal template lets students write what they're learning, what questions they have, and what they're happy or frustrated about.

It follows a simple format:
  • What I read
  • What I liked (key verse)
  • What I learned (key thought)
  • What's next (action step)

    You decide how long you want it to be by how many pages you add and then print.

    In addition you'll find 11 informative pages that describe:
  • What you can do with the journal
  • How the journal can help you read the Bible
  • Why you should read the Bible
  • Why you can trust the Bible
  • A family dare
  • A prayer for students from your youth ministry leaders
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    Gregg Farah